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Aqua Massage Therapy With an aquamassage you leave the stresses and strains of every day behind you...

What is Aquamassage?

Clifton Chiropractic is the only clinic in the country with this unique Aquamassage facility. This American machine enables people to have all the benefits of hydrotherapy without the need to undress! Thirty-six jets of warm water massage your whole body from the neck down with varying degrees of pressure and frequency. As there is a thin nylon layer on the inside of the canopy, the water is collected inside the canopy and you do not even have to get undressed.

It takes 10 minutes, improves sports injuries, reduces back pain and breaks down fatty deposits and tension. Many patients choose to have an aquamassage, before seeing their chiropractor, as this relaxes them before their treatment.

This facility costs £10 or £5 if it is with your treatment.

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