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Clifton Chiropractic Rehabilitation Gym
Clifton Chiropractic Rehabilitation Gym

Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an intensive course of exercise therapy designed to strengthen and restore the normal function of muscles, improve endurance and stamina, increase flexibility of tight muscles and their range of movement and reduce pain. Balance exercises are also included to improve the reaction time of lazy muscle groups.

Each patient is individually assessed and a 13 week programme specific to your needs and level of ability is devised.

The programme starts with a gentle 5-10 minute warm up to ensure that all your muscles are warm and flexible before moving onto specific strength and endurance exercises for either the low back or neck. This is followed by a stretching regime, most of which your chiropractor will have given you prior to starting the rehabilitation course. All exercises are supervised and the trainer will encourage you to progress by either increasing the resistance, or number of repetitions in each exercise as you feel ready to take on more.

Research carried out in the practice has demonstrated that nearly 80% of patients who carry out a programme of supervised strength and endurance exercises under supervision in our gym are still symptom-free at two-year follow-up. The chiropractors at Clifton Chiropractic Clinic also offer ergonomic advice on your posture at work, home and when you are asleep. We advise patients in the use of appropriate nutritional supplements to help regenerate worn joints as well as how to reduce inflammation.

Spinal Rehabilitation Gym Video

One of the few places in Bristol where one can do specific exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate your back and neck muscles on specialist equipment under supervision of trained professionals.

Contacting the Clifton Chiropractic Clinic

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