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Patients at Clevedon Chiropractic Clinic
Patients at Clevedon Chiropractic Clinic

Our Fees

Consultation / TreatmentFees
Initial Consultation / Examination£50
Treatment per session *£52
Consultation / Examination for children under 16£29
Treatment for children under 16 per session *£29
X-Rays (per set)
    Outpatient X-rays - 1 Region£60
    Outpatient X-rays - 2 Regions£75
    Outpatient X-rays - 3 Regions£90
Supervised rehab session in gym£25
Aquamassage with treatment£5
Diagnostic Ultrasound£95
Swiss Dolorclast Shockwave Therapy£75
    Course of 3 Shockwave Therapy£200

* Discounts are available for patients who require a more protracted course of treatment and are in a position to pay in advance (£470 for 10 treatments and £840 for 20 treatments); £299 for 13 supervised gym sessions (£23 each); £520 for 26 supervised gym sessions (£20 each).

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