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Chiropractic treatment for babies and children
Chiropractic treatment for babies and children

Children & Pregnancy

Many women suffer from back pain during pregnancy and worry that chiropractic treatment will not be appropriate for them. We employ a variety of gentle techniques which can help back pain during pregnancy. We have a pregnancy cushion which enables women to lie face down even in the latter stages of pregnancy whilst being treated. We can also supply patients with trochanteric belts to support the pelvis if there is instability during pregnancy.

The evidence-base in the scientific literature to support chiropractic treatment for babies and children is not strong as there is not a lot of research to review. Most of the research in chiropractic has been done on adults with back pain, neck pain and headaches. However, many parents chose chiropractic treatment for their children/babies for a variety of conditions and it is our clinical experience that the treatment is often beneficial.

The process of birthing and the falls that take place when children are young mean that children can benefit from having their spines checked to make sure that all the joints are articulating as they ought to.

We have a fee structure in our clinic which makes it affordable for children to undergo chiropractic treatment and check-ups.

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Chiropractic for babies and children:

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