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Ownership of X-Ray Films

At Clifton Chiropractic Clinic we are one of the few clinics that have the facility to take x-rays when required in the Bristol area. The actual films are part of your case history notes and as such cannot be released from the practice. In some circumstances we can lend you the films to take to see your consultant on the…


Is Sitting the New Smoking?

You are most likely sitting down reading this blog but are you aware of your posture by doing so? Are you slouching with a hunched back? Are your shoulders rounded? Is your head leaning forward? These are all questions you should be thinking of when you are sitting down either at work, school or at home. Research has shown today…


What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?

Well, the simple answer is that there are more similarities than differences. We are both professions that perform spinal manipulation. Chiropractors call it an ‘adjustment’. It is fair to say that osteopaths are more likely to focus on soft tissues and do more massage although there are lots of chiropractors who do massage too. In our clinic we use Aquamassage…

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